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Started from humble beginnings

PT PEP started with humble beginnings starting from heavy equipment rentals and small earthwork projects back 10 years ago in Sumatra with only 10 units.​ Through our founder's strong vision and execution with 30 years mining and earthwork experience, we have grown to more than 285 heavy equipments with portfolio and projects spanning across Sumatra and Kalimantan today. We believe repetition builds mastery. Our disciplined focus as Earthwork contractor enabled us to remain efficient, fast, and high quality in all project deliverables we do.​​


Deliver high quality and the most efficient earthworks solution for our clients

Construction Site

PEP Earthworks Ecosystem

PT PEP is a construction company specialized in earthworks. Our team of experts have years of experience in the industry and we strive to provide top quality services to our clients. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and providing a positive experience. Our goal is to ensure accountability for our work and to make your dreams a reality. Let us help you build your next project.

PEP earthworks ecosystem


We provide earthwork services: Excavation (Common - Soft Stone - Stone), Land Clearing and Stripping, Common Fill of Excavated Results, and many more.


We provide equipment rentals: Excavator, Dump Trucks, Vibro, Dozer, and Grader.


We support Earthwork material hauling from small trucks to large trucks.


We utilize our network of rock and soil supplies to provide your Earthwork construction needs.

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